Community Action Ukrainian Style
CACTUS is a non-profit NGO aimed at educating Ukrainian youths in human rights, civil responsibility, and project management. Participants of CACTUS transform acquired skills and knowledge into community service projects that are directed towards implementing positive social change.

Motivate young people of Ukraine to engage in civic activism and make positive changes in their communities.

Promote Leadership and World Issue awareness.

Develop and support Art, Technology, Education and Science in Ukraine.

Light up the fire of inspiration in the eyes of participants. This is, we believe, how great things happen.

Give hands-on experience in Project Design and Implementation to our participants.



young people who got to know about social projects and community activism (in 2017 only)



International and Ukrainian Partner Organisations



educational establishments that cooperated with CACTUS (in 2017 only)

11 000


people that have directly or indirectly benefited from CACTUS activities



projects successfully implemented by CACTUS alumni



Practice CACTUS seminars hold in 23 regions of Ukraine



years of experience and active growth



Ukrainian and international volunteers who have been  helping sustain CACTUS mission

CACTUS in Numbers

Maksym Holovko

 The founder of “Agenty Zmin”, speaker on the CACTUS Forum

Sometimes it seems that during lectures we must sit quietly, stare blankly at the blackboard, and then cheerlessly move to another lecture room. You need to visit CACTUS Forum to understand that everything can be completely different - it can be dynamic, energetic, and interesting.

Mariam Nayem

Cultural activist

When I got to work with the CACTUS organizers I was impressed by how much attention is focused not only on teenagers’ studying skills but on broadening of their worldview as well. These are projects that help the youth look beyond the horizon that create a platform for future changes.

Diana Chipak

CACTUS Forum participant 2014

I have two lives. The first one was before the Cactus`14 and the second is how I live now. Until forum I didn't know who I want to be, after it still the same. However, what is more important that I realized I don't want to be just a part of furniture in my society. I want to build it. Now, I`m studying at the United World Colleges. Thanks to CACTUS, I did it! 

Vasyl Kulevchuk

The founder of the movement “Твоя Країна”, speaker on the CACTUS Forum

CACTUS teaches youths to change the world for better in an efficient, comprehensive, and productive way. Each forum has nearly a hundred participants in whose eyes and actions you can just see the thirst for knowledge and changes. The future is shaped by such organizations - organizations which are created by people who need it, and not by someone “from the above”.

Anton Chesnokov

Father of a CACTUS`17 forum participant

When we heard the word “project” from Polly for the first time, we truly couldn’t believe that a teenager can implement something like that. Despite all the challenges the project was implemented, and quite successfully so. CACTUS gave our daughter an invaluable experience, specifically it gave her self-confidence, the confidence in the belief that any goal can be achieved, any plan can be realized, and that she is solely responsible for her own success. Thank you for you work, little Cacti. 

Ivan Seleznev

CEO at Open World - social business to aid blind people

Here, at Cactus people there became a family. The spiritual family. They all were helping one another, encouraging each other and creating an amazing projects, that they will then try to implement in their local societies. The atmosphere is truly amazing, with all the kids passionate about doing some changes in their lives, with all that wonderful activities that organizers have created, with all that encouraging slogans and tips that are around you on Cactus. Their everyday classes impressed me much, because the teaching were done on the highest level and the themes were relevant and useful.